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40 years Experience of Rubber Lining and FRP Lining.

We deliver the Best


Monem Group is committed to provide products meeting customer requirements on time to achieve more and more customer satisfaction. We will strive for on going improvements in all our activities by enhancing skills of all our employees through training and motivation.

We also commit to implement, maintain and continuously improve our quality management system as per ISO standard and also commit to fulfill all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


To us good job is not competitions, it is our profession. In more than 30 years in business Monem Lining Works has forged a solid for being:





Here are qualities and services that define Monem Group

Precision is a matter of pride

Monem Group is proud to be certified by

Reliance Industries Limited,  

Hindalco Industries Ltd,

NTPC Vindhyanagar, ShaktiNagar

Hi-Tech carbon,

Schenectady-Beck Ind. Ltd. (Dr Beck),

BCCL, ION- Exchange India Ltd

but our commitment to quality good well beyond meeting industry standards.

Our work site is clean and well organized

Our quality control team takes details to the nth degree. They exist for one purpose only prevents errors from reaching the field.

Our emergency response team

The emergency response team handles issues in the field making thing with the customer-without pointing fingers.

Deadlines drive us

We are known for our sensitivity to customer schedules when given a deadline. We go into overdrive to hit it. That’s our works way.

Applying the technologies edge

In an industry known for being low tech. Our works has always been a trendsetter. We employ technology in all aspects of our business. That includes investing in top of the equipment, as well as the latest communication and organization tools for our office and staffs


The Monem Lining Works difference

Our practices ate the same, whether providing raw material or fulfilling project. We co insistently strive to assure-

- Zero lining and fabrication errors.

- A safe work environment

- No missed deadline

- Honest, and respectful

- Response teams that keep customer happy, never waiting.

In short, we strive to be your source of choice for everything in mechanicals and civil jobs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Monem Engineering believes that corporate organization should think beyond profit and look out for the well being of society.